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Welcome! Elixir Financial Management provides independent financial advice and planning services for individuals and businesses - with a difference: our solutions are based on your short, medium and long term goals (and are not product-led), using the latest technology and bespoke solutions tailored to your individual circumstances in order to help you work towards financial freedom. We are proud of our service and also work with a number of associates in specialist areas such as accountancy, tax planning, discretionary fund management services and stockbroking. Elixir Financial Management can help you make your money work for you. We know how hard it is to find the right financial adviser, and hope the following pages will give you a flavour of our expertise. If you like what you see, call us on 023 8063 9856 to chat in more detail about how we can help.


Investment & Portfolio Planning

By thoroughly understanding your short, medium & long term goals, and measuring your tolerance to investment risk, we can offer you advice as to spreading investment  risk and identify investments  appropriate for your unique circumstances, taking into account your need for liquidity, growth/income, time horizon, tax efficiency and family circumstances, and in light of the opportunities and threats of the prevailing economic climate.

Pension & Retirement Advice

Whilst a UK pension scheme should not be relied upon as the sole source of income in retirement, it is a very powerful tax efficient savings and retirement planning vehicle; however, over recent years pensions have become more complex, despite 'pension simplification', particularly for those with annual earnings in excess of £100k,  and therefore obtaining professional advice is essential.  True retirement planning is identifying your aspirations post retirement and how much income you are likely to require to fund these aspirations in order to quantify your target income.

Whilst your outgoings may reduce e.g. you may no longer have a mortgage, you are likely to have much more time on your hands to pursue other interests and therefore incur the associated costs.

We will help you to understand in simple terms what you have and what it is likely to provide you with in retirement. In the event of a shortfall we will be able to advise you on the appropriate strategy going forward.  

Many people have accumulated various pension pots over their working life but are not sure what they have or how much they are likley to receive from them - it may be beneficial to consolidate these plans for example to reduce the impact of product charges.  We can help you rationalise this.  It is especially important to plan for retirement now that people are living much longer, and therefore are likely to need a secure income for up to 20 or even 30 years after normal  retirement age.


Life Assurance & Health Protection

The majority of people insure their residential property and furnishings, yet they neglect to insure themselves! The death or serious illness of a 'bread winner' will have a serious impact on the financial well being of the family if there is no form of cover in place.

These policies in the event of a claim, will pay you or your family a tax free lump sum benefit and or income in the event of suffering long term/critical illness, premature death or disability.  Whilst many companies offer 'off the shelf' policies, as independent financial advisers, we can help ensure whatever policy you select is right for your individual circumstances. For example, anyone who is considering taking out a life policy specifically to provide protection for the family as opposed to just covering e.g. a mortgage, should seriously consider placing that policy in Trust to ensure that in the event of a claim, the proceeds will go to the intended beneficiary(s) - and quickly, as it will avoid probate. 


For individuals with no financial beneficiaries, a long term or  critical illness could have a severe impact on their personal lifestyle i.e. it could result in the total loss of earnings potential. By off-loading this risk to an insurance company through an 'income protection'  or stand alone critical illness plan, will go some way to easing the situation until a full recovery is made.

Reviewing your existing arrangements is also a useful excercise and can often save you money.

We strongly recommend you visit our section dedicated to Wills which provides important information on the impact of not making one.



There has never been a better time to seek professional help - as independent mortgage specialists we can give you access to mortgage products across the whole of the market and can advise those who regard direct property investment as part of their income and retirement strategy.


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